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How to view more of the posts in Community and View Profile#884


When browsing the posts to any of the community sub-groups the display is limited to 9 or 10 pages. If I step through the 9 pages of templates I do not see any that I have shared with the community. But I can search for a word in their title they are returned in the list of matching templates.

When browsing the list of posts under “View Profile” only one page is displayed and there are no navigation to other numbered pages.

I am sure there are more community posts than 9 pages worth and I am confident that I have initiated more than 1 page of postings than is shown under View Profile”.

Will these browse lists be opened up to allow users to navigate through all postings, at least for the templates and “View Profile” categories?

a month ago
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Feature Added
a month ago
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a month ago